The Election Commission of Rajasthan is a government-appointed body that has its main headquarters at Jaipur. The Commission is responsible for deciding all about the Conduct of polls and other related matters. It is one of the organs that form an essential foundation for our political system in India. A significant part of their work is done in dealing with candidates for elections conducted for the municipal and state levels.

There are some instances where the Election Commission of Rajasthan fails to do its job. They let the candidates running for election without any care. In cases of corruption, they fail to give the candidates a chance to prove their qualities. The Commission also allows the infiltration of criminals into the state through criminal channels. They fail to dissolve the contest between the candidates and enable fair play for all. This is why the citizens are divided. They do not want this kind of affair to happen in their midst.

The Election Commission of Rajasthan cannot continue to exist without any change. The current system of the Commission will not work. Some changes have to be made. One should be very keen to see such changes taking place. Let us take a look at some of these.

A new law that has come into existence bars the candidates from being chosen based on religion. So this could be used by the ruling party to target the non-Muslims, voters. This is an attempt to corner them. The Commission needs to do something to stop this from happening. If the Commission fails to do this, the power of the rulers of Rajasthan, who are the members of the Commission, will come under serious threat.

Many people feel that the candidates associated with the ruling parties win more votes in the first round of the elections. This is the reason why the candidates related to them are favored. But this is not the case in all the states. In some states, the winning candidates win after the first round of elections. There is no guarantee of winning in the second round.

The Election Commission of Rajasthan needs to rectify its mistakes immediately. Some of its recent decisions can be considered as wrong and should be contested by the candidates. It should be noted that the Commission has become very authoritarian in recent times. The citizens of Rajasthan feel very betrayed by this Commission.

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